Welcome to Vote Party Election Day community events! We invite you to join us whether you plan to vote or not!

About Vote Party Election Day Events:  These are locally hosted events by community organizations to support Election Day neighborhood celebrations, in coordination with local partners and local Election Commissions.

We believe we have much to be proud of in our community and our neighborhoods, and these election day events offer a moment to come together to celebrate that.

These events are open to the public--all are welcome.

No Partisan or Campaign Materials: Please be aware that these events are nonpartisan so no partisan or campaign materials should be displayed.  Items such as posters, placards or stickers should remain outside the event and outside the electioneering boundaries set by the board of elections.  In Tennessee electioneering boundaries are 100 feet from the entrance to the building where the polling site is located.

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About the Vote Party Initiative and the Tennessee Action Foundation: 

We are a nonpartisan nonprofit project supporting initiatives to strengthen democracy and civic participation in Tennessee.